10 years of marriage

My wife and I just clicked off our 10th year of marriage.  The only thing I’ve been doing for more than 10 years in a row is breathing.  As we have reflected, looked at pictures, and relived the memories of our life together, we realized how much has changed and how little we remember about life before kids (LBK) without visual clues from pictures. 

The only things I know for certain are that during our first 5 years of marriage without kids, we:

  1. "Played with our friends until late at night"
  2. Had far fewer gray hairs
  3. Slept in until who the heck cares
  4. Had two incomes (wow…that is a faint memory)
  5. Traveled less (weird I know)
  6. Had far fewer answers and "truths" about life in general

Stop.  Smell the roses.  Hug your spouse.      



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