10-4 Good Buddy

An article appeared today in the USA Today entitled Wanted: A whole lot more good buddies
The article describes the incredible truck driver shortage that our country faces right now and the new spin on recruitment that copmanies are going to try. 

With phrases like "Assembly lines don’t give you
stories to tell," "Tired of restocking aisle 7?" and "No one ever wrote
a song called minivannin’," the campaign is lighthearted. But it’s
meant to address a serious problem.

Consulting firm Global Insight estimated a year
ago the trucking industry was short 20,000 drivers and forecast the gap
could reach 111,000 in 2014 based on demographics and demand for
transporting goods. Currently, there are about 1.4 million U.S. truck
drivers, according to the Labor Department.

"It’s a really serious problem," says Duff
Swain, president of Trincon Group, a transportation consulting firm in
Columbus, Ohio. "Most (trucking companies) have 5% of their fleet
parked against the fence because they don’t have drivers."

Swain estimates that for every truck parked, companies are losing $55,000 in unrealized profit each year.

The bottom line here is that our nation’s economy is fueled by trucking.  Sure airfreight and rail are a part of the mix.  But how often do you see a rail car backed up to the Walmart in Des Moines, Little Rock, or Peoria.  The answer is never.  Trucks, diesel fuel, and hardworking engines allow you and I to have salad, beef, and beer for dinner.  The companies and individuals that address this issue head on, and revolutionize the transportation industry as we know it, will capture big profits.  This is an industry that is just starting to use technology to reinvent itself.  You need an internet hotspot…stop at the Flying J truck stop.  There’s not as many of those as Starbucks (and the coffee is absolutely horrid)..but you’ll get great access at no charge.  Redefine the trucking and transportation rule book and you’ll win. 



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