1GB email file? No sweat

I’m a little slow to pick up on the gagillion little tech tools out there until I need one.  The other day I was attempting to get a 198mb file to someone else remotely and PANDOmonium (sic on purpose…anyway) ensued.  Among a few others, there’s a cool feature (company) out there called Pando. I read about this in the WSJ.

Pando let’s you send up to 1 GIG files via their portal.  It’s simply a secure file sharing mechanism. 

"Pando works by merging the mechanism of email with its own small
program and a modified version of BitTorrent, a back-end file-transfer
system best known until now for speeding up the downloading of large,
unauthorized files, like pirated movies."

Cool. Living on the edge!  An Outlook plugin is coming soon apparently. 



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