“24” Junkies…Unite

It’s silly that one of the most popular shows in the world, "24", doesn’t give away more ring tones and such to keep people talking about the show.  I guess they don’t need evangelists!

It took me a while to sift through a million UK based ringtone sites promising this and that…to get what I wanted….but finally I’ve located a high quality MP3 of the CTU ring tone and have posted it for your consumption here on a Central Desktop Public Workspace.  I just got the Motorola Q phone and my first mission post email set up was to find this file.

I get looks and comments everywhere I go with this ringtone.  It will make you feel a bit like Jack Bauer  I promise…just not as cool.

The file is small so click away.

You can buy it from a Verizon "GET IT NOW" program called MIDI Ring Tones too…but that’s not free.



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