50K Ride

Tomorrow I’m participating in the Clive Five O celebration in town by doing their Mayor’s 50k Bike Ride. This will be my longest ride yet.  Although my training has been pathetic for my late July RAGBRAI ride, I think I’ll make it.  Clive and my surrounding Des Moines Metro have bike trails all over that make for fantastic rides w/little worry about traffic and getting smushed.  This ride will take me out along a main and fairly level road in the country.  I’ve gone about 8 miles on this trail before…but this time it will be 16 miles…then turn around and come back. 

My new home town is going all out with fireworks, a beer garden, etc.  You’d have had trouble getting me anywhere near something like this in California because there would be far too many people and there would likely be traffic and parking issues before we even got there that would raise my blood pressure.  Life certainly has changed in that way.  I’ve heard more than one person describe life in Iowa as "Easy Living" and I must concur.  Wish me luck and survival. 



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