5 things you didn’t know about me

I’ve been tagged a few times with the "5 things you don’t know about me", but a flurry of end-of-year traveling has really dented my posting schedule.  Thus, thank you to all who cared to know a few more tidbits from my life.  Here they are.

1.  The name by which I’m known is different in many circles.  My full name of Douglas Eric Mitchell can be broken down in the following ways and each has many qualifiers:

  • Doug:  business associates, folks I met after 1990, all career contacts.
  • Eric:  parents, wife’s family, my family, fraternity brothers
  • Mitch: many close friends.  However this name has much overlap in all groups so in any given room, I may have to throw out all 3 to ensure folks don’t believe my wife is a polygamist.

2.  I worked at a butcher shop during my high school years (1986-1990) and know all about what part comes from what on those tasty animals we love to eat.  Those years have made me the best steak/prime rib preparer that I know.

3. Between start up software companies (the niche in which I thrive) I was a Starbucks store manager.  For about a year and a half, I managed 25 youths and ran a high volume store.  My store had a line of sight to the parking lot…so the goal was to
have the person’s drink ready before they walked in the door.

This experience taught me many lessons in community, branding, and customer service.  The experience also taught me that firing people was easy (easier) if the person had done something stupid (at least we both knew what was supposed to happen).  It was not so easy when they were being released because of their inability to deliver the brand.  This type of termination was the "You repeatedly don’t meet clearly defined expectations" variety and usually resulted in tears and begging forgiveness. 

4.  My first year of college was spent at the College of Wooster in Wooster, Ohio.  I wanted to "get away to a small liberal arts college to find my chi"  After a year of repeated attempts by the Collective to assimilate me (vague…yes…no political talk here :), I abandoned my International Relations major, fled back to CA and began my International Business major at Cal State University, Pomona where I graduated in 1994. 

5.  About the only time I remember getting in big trouble with parents…was sometime around age 6 when my dad brought home a bunch of free boxes of animal crackers from the grocery store where he worked, that had "expired" per the date code on the box.  I went around the neighborhood selling these for whatever the market would bare (capitalism at its best).  Bad idea.  Parents upset, return the money, etc. 

I’d like to tag Royster if he’d actually blog every now and again!



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