6 Sigma – Week 1

I’m wrapping up week 1 of Six Sigma training in Chicago.  During the first salvo of statistics discussion…I felt as though I did the day I opted out of Advanced Calculus…and signed up for Speech class.  (ie Soft skill path versus hard).  My head was spinning and I wondered when it would end.  By the end of day 4, I had gotten a handle on the key topics since we did some exercises in the group that made me dig in and figure stuff out (ie learn by doing not just listening).

It’s really amazing to see the quality folks that I’m surrounded by in my class.  These are the best and brightest folks from CAT dealers and suppliers around the nation.  It’s fantastic to see that around the US, that CAT is hiring and more importantly keeping excellent human resources.  I’m certain that CAT doesn’t pay as much as other organizations that deploy 6 Sigma Black Belts.  Monster.com is probably abuzz with folks hunting and job swapping.  But dealerships and CAT corporate offer a great pathway to promotion, a great work environment, the opportunity for self improvement, and a reasonable living.  That’s quite a recipe for success. 

I look forward to week 2 now even though it will pull from home once again.  (When that happens however, home will be Clive, Iowa and I’ll probably drive in).  Seeing my team again and sharing experiences with them is wonderful. 

Cheers from Chicago



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