A Class Act from Another Generation

I bought a car this week.  The gentleman I bought the car from was the original owner.  He treated this car like a family member (maintenance, washing, care).  He explained in detail everything about the car including the slight imperfections.  He gave me a detailed functional overview and even bought me a coffee as we sat down to discuss the deal.  I brought out my iPhone with the Kelly Blue Book website up…while he displayed a piece of paper with the same data (identical by the way).  He made an offer and I looked at him and said, “I’m a man who believes that negotiating for the sake of negotiating is a waste of two men’s time…sold.” We shook hands. Deal done.

I went to pick up the car the next day and drop the cash.  We had to do some car swapping and ended up driving together back to his house.  I didn’t even ask to drive that last leg.  I could tell he was saying goodbye to a good friend that had treated him right for a decade.  On the way, he also gave me a very special hat with the car emblem on it as a gift.

Later that night, he called me to ask me how I was getting along with the car and how I liked it.

Now that’s the kind of special attention to detail and service that would make any car dealer or repair shop jealous. That is what has made this man successful and what makes me proud to drive this car.  Thanks a million Ed.

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