A clear indicator of being on the right track

I’m learning some lessons as I move along the "new company continuum" with RentalMetrics.

  1. As firms find out about your business  (read your website/blog) and begin to understand what you’re doing…they write posts on similar topics as you.  The message:  We get it too.
  2. Those same firms begin posting on how their methods of doing business or presenting their message are distinctly different than yours "out of the blue".  The message:  We’re threatened by what you do.

Competition is a fantastic and driving force behind capitalism and I’m diving yet deeper into the mix each day.  I’ve learned good lessons from some very smart and successful people.  Most have simply put their head down and done good things for their customers over and over again vs. worrying too much about what companies a-z are talking about. Being the best has a way of sorting out the competition for you.



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