A Few Reasons To Fly United

  1. They’re the only airline that flies larger jets (737 / A319) in and out of Des Moines.  Everything else is regional jets which aren’t so bad…but they are that much more cramped.
  2. They offer "Economy Plus" for about $39 or so.  This gives the much appreciated leg room required to keep my knees from my throat. 
  3. They do offer first class out of Des Moines.  If you can upgrade all the better.  No one gives you the option but United.

And my most favorite reason to fly United that I’ve just discovered…

4.  On channel 9 of their in flight audio programming, they let you hear FULL access to air traffic control.
It fascinates me and really calms my nerves to listen to the conversation across the entire country.  I mean I listen the entire time to the hand offs to the different ATC control centers, airport towers, ground control, etc.
It is truly fascinating.  I appreciate the technology and the coolness of flying…I just still think about every 10 minutes that I’m going to plummet from the sky.  This mind exercise keeps me from thinking that when I hear the pilots calmly discussing the next altitude, weather conditions, and directional changes.

Flying is a ridiculous exercise anymore…but at least this brings me some entertainment.

I fly again Tuesday.



One thought on “A Few Reasons To Fly United”

  1. Hey Mitch! I am a pilot. While it would not be in a plane that offers first class, I would be happy to take you on a flying tour of Des Moines and you could actually TALK on the radio 🙂

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