A Life Moment

Maybe you’re like me…you feel good about yourself for the most part, you have a great family, you’re generally doing good.  But…when you make positive changes in your life like eating better, getting more exercise, reading more, really establishing yourself in the business community, working in a more focused way, etc…you reach a point where you feel momentum picking up. It’s glorious right!  You’re on all 12 of your perfectly firing Italian cylinders (homage to Ferrari), you have clarity, you’re dressing well, losing the baby weight (or sympathy 50 daddy weight) feeling well, and really just taking your vitamins daily kinda good.   

Then…out of nowhere you begin to stall.  The once concrete ideas about how to succeed and not eat those extra bear claws become fuzzy.  You begin to revert to older ways of thinking.  The newspapers stack up, the desk is messy, and the once ultra focused approached to work becomes more sporadic. 
Guess what changed?  NOTHING.  Except your brain began to really sense that you were breaking out!  You were headed toward the land of superior effectiveness and achievement…and your brain hit the brakes and began to allow your actions to sabotage this success.  You were getting too far outside your comfort zone and your jack in the box was about to burst open.  Screeeeeeech!

Well, what if one recognized such self-sabotage early enough to immediately do something about it and right the ship?  Bingo! I just experienced this moment of clarity and without much effort at all..was able to refill the humidor of mental growth in a flash.  Once I acknowledged it was happening and accepted it…I simply rolled past the limitation and am back at it again full steam. 


Instead of having a down period of confusion and incongruity in my thought patterns, I broke through again.  In the past, these down times where the brain is subconsciously moving you against your "new plan" have lasted quite some time, leading to frustration.  Now, I believe that I recognized the problem and took control within days.  Maybe the next time it will be hours (there will be a next time….the brain is very comfortable doing the comfortable thing)…and perhaps at some point, I’ll get into real time!!! 

I guess I should have listened more closely to Tony Robbin’s Personal Power…I’m pretty sure this was CD number 3.      



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