A non-report….report

When you read the headline "Military Revises al-Zarqawi Account", you are left with a clear picture that you will now be reading how things changed and what was revised.  Oh the simplicity.

However, the first sentence of the article discusses how an unnamed, unseen, totally anonymous, and completely unverified man saw the military, "Wrap the man’s head in an Arab robe and began beating him," speaking of al-Zarqawi.  This is the kind of non-reporting reporting that inflames the right side of the media and completely discredits the left.  Come on.  Basically we’re hearing that, "Some guy, who may have been there or not, we really don’t know, said the U.S. did bad things to the guy.  There’s some solid stuff.

Later in the article as General William Caldwell lays out the revised details of what happened as reported by the military, this reporter mentions that Cadwell’s "Recounting of the aftermath of the air strike could not be independently verified." But included that, "The Iraqi government confirmed only that Iraqi forces were first on the scene, followed by the Americans." 

Let me translate this article for you. 

The U.S. is bad and probably killed al-Zarqawi after he survived our brutal attack.  After all, somebody said they kind of saw that, and besides, we can’t trust what the military says about anything.  Obviously, since we’re getting reports now that the immediate first reports were incorrect, the U.S. is covering this up since we shouldn’t be there anyway and….(cue the Dixie Chicks). 

Come on.  How many of the first reports out of New Orleans were correct?  Recall the rapes and murders that were seemingly happening every minute at the Super Dome?

Should we go back and examine the reports of when Sadaam was captured?  He’s alive and facing trail.  Details changed for weeks after the initial reports came out…largely because in American Military, we take the time to explore, investigate, and fact find. 

My main point here is that this is NOT a news piece.  It’s drivel and it’s main goal is to leave the reader with the impression that the U.S. did not tell the whole truth and that it can’t be trusted.  While there have been military missteps with regard to the truth, on the whole, I believe that we do our best every day to provide justice and proper behavior.  Every group of people has bad elements, but I’m going to tip the good scale to the U.S., versus giving that award to the guys who cut off heads. 



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