Angela Maiers going LIVE with her Interactive Learning Environment (ILE)

Angela Maiers (Maiers Educational Services) just announced that she’s going live with her Interactive Learning Environment during her upcoming Midwest Literacy Institute

We’ve been running a bit under the radar with this project while slowly building momentum through a base of knowledge based business owners.  Angela is the second to go live after RentalMetrics.

The Mitchell Group, LLC in coordination with 48 Web is providing the back end platform that enables serious professionals like Angela to share their message, their teaching, and their tools…globally

  • If you’ve reached your income cap because you can’t possibly travel any more or bill out more days per year, raise your hand.
  • If you believe the concept of selling your program, talent, skills, and knowledge to a global audience and waking up to bank deposits each day is a good idea, raise your hand. 
  • If when thinking about this topic you immediately saw the need and thought of a few friends that could use it to, raise your hand.
  • If you believe that you could do this if only there were an online platform that handled membership, content, and payment management, raise your hand.

It’s OK to put your hands down now.  Now please click if you’d like to know more.

On another note.  During this InteractiveLE build out, we at The Mitchell Group, LLC have begun sharing our multimedia presentation creation skills with the Des Moines, Iowa area.  Examples of our work are strewn about and within our subscription ILE

As a business owner, you know that the big value isn’t just in being able to use the cool software to make presentations.  It’s actually in the company’s ability to take your ideas, instantly summarize them and get your point, provide new and impactful twists that you never thought of, and produce a far larger WOW factor than you ever thought possible.  That’s what we do.  Reduce pain.  Increase value.

To examine our multimedia presentation skills, you can always peek at our video library too.



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