Another reason why I dumped Mediacom

Mediacom announced today that a rate increase would go into affect in January. Specifically the,

monthly charge for the company’s popular Family Cable package of about
75 channels will rise $3 to $54.95 for most customers that subscribe to
cable only, said Phyllis Peters, a Mediacom spokeswoman.

also will enhance service, she said, by increasing the number of
channels available in high-definition in the Family package.

Key points of note:

  1. $54.95 for 75 channels. I’m getting over 200 from DirecTV at about the same price point.  By the way, the basic plan for over 100 channels on Dish and DirecTV are about $30.
  2. Increasing the number of HD channels doesn’t tell me how many…and something tells me it’s less than the 100 from the competition.
  3. The cable companies have now resorted to "bundling is the only way" pricing and and all or nothing mentality. 

It will please me greatly when that which I desire is delivered a la cart via wireless to wherever I’d like.  I really don’t need or want 200 channels.  In fact, I could probably come up with about 10 I "need"…and I’d be willing to pay $.xx per show in an on demand environment.  (Am I describing Apple TV?)



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