Another Big Hitter Weighs In

Bravo to another Midwestern producer of farming equipment.  A statement hit the wires today from Robert Lane, CEO of John Deere.  Here’s the quote,

"Iowans need to make strategic investments that will keep their state competitive in a changing global marketplace, the Chief Executive Officer of Deere & Co. says.

Speaking during the recent Hoover-Wallace Dinner at Park Place Even Centre, Robert Lane said the reality was that "well-educated people outside the U.S. are often willing to work smart, hard and for less money."

Iowans, he said, "must continually resist the temptation" to ignore such changes and must be prepared to take advantage of the opportunities they present."

Excellent.  This is more of the Can Do Attitude of Midwesterners that I posted about yesterday when Caterpillar’s CEO Jim Owens spoke up.

Keep this kind of rhetoric alive and positive things will happen for Iowa.



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