Are The CEO’s ready for Enterprise 2.0

Ross Mayfield of Socialtext thinks so.  There’s a great piece called CEO’s Guide to Enterprise 2.0 that I just perused on his blog.

The net net:
CEO’s are ready to use the software, goodies, and communication mediums that SMB’s have been gorging on for the last few years, i.e. collaboration, wiki, blog, blah blah…if someone could actually adapt them and explain them to the enterprise effectively…and charge a ton more for them. 

I only take issue with the last sentence of the article, "The point being, CEOs are ready for the shift, but need to work with
vendors who have adapted social software for the enterprise within
security requirements.

Security requirements?  I understand …but these days, anything hosted will largely avoid a stolen laptop containing a database of personal, customer, and corporate data better than anything.  Aren’t we having the "I don’t mind giving my VISA card to Joe Schmo at Le Cirque but I will NOT use that 128 bit encryption stuff on the web" discussion?



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