Article on using web video to increase findability

Yours truly has written an article on leveraging web video to increase organic search findability (and ultimately revenues) for the American Rental Associations Rental Management Magazine.

I’m passionate about the equipment rental sector because I spent the last 4 years prior to starting RentalMetrics and createWOWmedia immersed in its challenges and opportunities for improvement. 



One thought on “Article on using web video to increase findability”

  1. Nice article, Doug.
    Along with the recent surge in online use, video is also a very good vehicle for innovative communications. The days of “leave behind” brochure/folders containing stair-stepped slip sheets with data pages that are 18-24 months out-of-date…
    What you may have missed, though, is in a tech-driven industry, the use of video offers a level of credibility that is virtually instant when broadcast (shared, tagged, etc.) online.
    Keep Cooking!

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