As the snow melts…so are the days of our lives

We're returning to normal a bit more here in the Middle West.  Snow piles are almost gone.  We're headed into flooding season for the low landers.  We are getting more sunshine.  Neighbors are showing themselves again for the first time since early November.  Kids are riding bikes (man some have grown over the last 4 months).  Businesses seem just a bit more energized too.

It's almost as though there's a correlation we're seeing between season and willingness to make decisions and find the drive to push hard again. 
Do we have a "compressed willingness to make progress" here where it's colder and we're locked indoors for a few months?
Does lack of real sunshine drain people's life force subtly enough that they don't notice while they subconsciously choose hibernation?

I can "feel" a difference in only 2 weeks…and perhaps not ironically, 3 large businesses have come on board with us in the last 3 weeks.


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