Australian Wine – Alice White

We have a couple super market chains here in the Des Moines Metro:  Hy-Vee and Dah’ls.  Both are pretty darn good and easily hold their own against the Ralphs, Vons, and Stater Brothers that I used all of my life in Southern CA before executing my Geographic Arbitrage to Iowa.  My Hy-Vee store has a separate liquor store that is very well stocked.  They have a very large wine selection and a beer section that includes many specialty brews. 

On my latest trip, I came across a massive stack of boxes of Alice White Australian wines on an end cap display.  There are many varieties including some popular "Cab-Shiraz" blends, etc.  The Cab blends stood up well to my leaner cuts of grilled prime sirloin (a fattier rib-eye will probably require a more tanic full cab) and didn’t cause too many tongue convulsions with the Greek Salad heavy with Feta.   These days, we’re lucky to get the steak and salad prepared without side dishes with our little ones under foot.

These bottles are only $3 each.  In Iowa, this a very good price for any wine let alone one that tastes good.  I did some research and found this at Beverages & More for $6.99 each.  If you know Bevmo, you know that it’s a fantastically well stocked liquor chain in the west with a very good website and excellent prices.  That price differential shocked me even more. 

I’ve tasted all of the varieties now and can easily say that 2 buck Chuck has a serious competitor in "3 Buck Alice" (which sounds a bit awkward I agree). 

Please share your opinions on these wines and what prices you’ve experienced in the market.   



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