Back to CA

I’m back in California for a few days with the family in between a Vegas conference that I’m attending.  I’ve noticed a few things this time back.

  1. The growth here is unfathomable.  The economic engine of CA is alway on full tilt somehow.  There are so many new places to spend money, eat, and live.
  2. Infrastructure is an after thought.  I just experienced this outside of Birmingham too.  It’s as though cities are so drunk from the idea that tax revenue will come NOW…that they put off thinking about how to manage the same roads, etc. when there’s 3x the people.
  3. Traffic is just as bad on the freeway, and worse on the surface streets.  I left this stuff for a reason.  Now at home, there’s freeway construction, and it causes a mile or so of backup during 2 peak 1-hour blocks.  I sit in it and I keep my mouth shut if I have to because I flash back to what I used to live through daily.
  4. I forgot what May weather is like in CA…very gloomy and overcast until late in the afternoon.  Remember, the longer that it’s gloomy and overcast…the cooler it will be overall.  It’s when the sun is blazing at 6AM that things get HOT.  So far, I’ll vote for Spring in the Midwest…even with the occasional severe weather.
  5. There are more people in the county that I’m in…than in my whole state.  Everything and everywhere is a reminder that the volume of people living here is massive.  I check some population density numbers on the US Census site and CA about 3x average…Iowa is less than the national average.  That’s OK by me.

CA brought me and my family (including my parents) such prosperity and I’m greatful.  I’m also grateful to live elsewhere now. 



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