Beating a Dead Horse

A great little post appeared on Cornwall’s Entrepreneurial Mind blog today called Business As Usual.  Cornwall highlights the fact that our politicians keep negotiating deals as in early twentieth century terms.

So true.  You’re not alone when you listen to the left and right leadership drone on in front of a few hundred thousand people via your favorite cable news channel…and feel like they’ve missed the boat.  Someone should get an official congressional "Do we know what’s happening out there" survey commissioned.  The questions:

1.  Do you know what a blog or wiki is?
2.  Do you prefer web based or client server architecture?
3.  By what means do you collaborate with your constituents?
4.  How much is a gallon of gas in your district/state and how much of that price is tax?
5.  How much is a gallon of milk?

Cornwall says, "Our economy is
becoming more and more dependent on entrepreneurs for growth. And yet,
our politicians keep dancing the same dance that they have since the
beginning of the big government era that started in the middle of the
last century. This is no longer a time to horse trade between unions
and corporate America. If we don’t wake up, we face economic atrophy
that will assure that the US will be a second rate economic power
within the next 20 – 30 years, if not sooner."

Amen.  Right now, America is acting like the lethargic old economy company who doesn’t believe that the competition could ever penetrate its shields…and its has so much money (or ability to incur so much debt at its population’s expense), that it can in effect….do nothing for a very long time…and live to die another day.  At some point, the U.S. government will go into panic mode and spend more of our money trying to catch up and deal with the fact that its populous has passed it up.  Or, we’ll take the AT&T approach that manifested itself after 25 years of head-in-sand management…we’ll simply sell our country to another who’s very nimble and tecno savvy…in exchange for the use of our name and our "customer base".

The irony is that we’ve elected…and will continue to elect slick attorneys with nice suits to represent us folks.  Cornwall’s time frame of 20-30 years is about right since my generation, Gen X (I’m 34), will be the first generation of retirees in our country to not be under the thumb of the government for our well being.  Ask anyone in my age class if they believe social security will be there when they retire and they’ll scoff.  It’s going to take a new class of self-employed and SMB business owners to set this ship right.  We’ll do it over the next 20 years by voting for people in the U.S that are like US.



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