Become Findable on the Web Class In Des Moines – Spring Edition – Starts April 22

We're back at it again folks beginning April 22 for my "Become Findable on the Web" class.  You can register online through the Des Moines Community Education site.

This class is OFFICIALLY being offered at Impromptu Studio which the class really liked the last session.  It's a much better environment than an old classroom. 

As always, DSM is only charging $50 for this session! What a deal.

The details are below.  Please if you're wondering how to become findable on the web, for your business or personal brand…it's well worth the $50.  Also ALL of the class members are part of an online collaboration workspace (call it a community) where we share ideas and concepts with each for as long as you want to play.  Fair deal?  I think so.  I would love to see you and your friends there. 

Become Findable on the Web 4
Wks $50
can be the most effective and affordable form of business marketing.
Taught by Doug Mitchell, a successful technology entrepreneur, this
class will provide an action-packed workshop-style class. Students will
learn to search for, subscribe to, create, and effectively write blogs
while gaining a clear understanding of available technologies, most of
which are simple and low cost (if not free). Most importantly, students
will understand how business blogging can translate into more loyal
customers and enhanced 'findability' on the web. The class will include
numerous professional-blogger guest speakers from around the
Instr: Mitchell
B016301 Impromptu
Wed April 22 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM
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