Being A Mommy

Although I’m of the daddy variety…I’d like to share a glimpse of what happens sometimes when you’re a mommy.  Below is a picture of my wife’s shoes.  She was so excited to get out of the house alone, to do some shopping (I was on a biz trip for 3 days) that she mismatched and was in public for about 3 hours like this.  If anyone noticed, I bet they thought it was a fashion statement. 


The work, dedication, mental stamina, drama, self-control, anger management, etc…of motherhood is beyond my simple daddy brain.  Her job is so much harder than my small company, start-up, cash flow, blah blah work that it blows me away.  She deserves at least $250k/year for doing her job…and having to put up with me too (often the 3rd kid).   Can anyone really say that any job is harder than raising well adjusted, loving, kind, generous, educated, contributing kids?         



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