Bite Your Tongue

I’ve been verbally and electronically accosted a few times in the last month.  The topic has always been the same:  technology.  More specifically, I’ve been on the receiving end of a technology reaming, given by a technologist, over something that I cannot understand beyond superficially knowing the terms being used.
In all cases, the situation was actually not my doing…rather it was the technologists emotional overreaction to:

  1. The technologist not having all of the facts.
  2. A problem that was created and fostered by people at the technologist’s company.
  3. The immediate human reaction of trying to assign blame.
  4. Having their rear chewed.

My gut reaction is to lash out and throw down.  My professional senses have learned to listen, acknowledge, and accept what the person is saying as a "temporary truth".  Additionally, I take the drop everything and resolve the situation approach. In all cases, the lashings I received were unwarranted and in fact, later the true causes were discovered and addressed.

I received no apologies or atonement for having been the whipping boy.

The Lesson:
There will be many situations like this in your business.  Avoid gut reactions.  Sit on those flaming response emails for at least 24 hours to cool off.  Accept that when emotions are hot, blame will fly.  Understand the it’s entirely possible that the person on the other end is missing chunks from their posterior because the boss man/woman ate them for breakfast.  Calm down and work methodically to resolve the issue.  Don’t expect atonement…it’s the price you pay sometimes for excellence. 



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