Blogging can help you OWN a search term: Geographic Arbitrage

When you have passion for something, and blog about it, you just may author a definitive post defining that topic. 

Just recently, GOOGLE search results for "Geographic Arbitrage" have yielded me 1st and 6th place results.  The milestone that makes me most proud, is that I’ve surpassed the links from FORBES magazine, who’s publisher…and author Rich Karlgaard, gave me the term in the first place in his book, Life2.0:  Finding the Where of Your Happiness. This book played a major part in my decision to execute geographic arbitrage in 2005.

In the last month, I’ve been linked to in various articles by some great writers.  This morning, I noticed traffic coming from this piece by uber author and blogger Anya Kamenetz

Her site and book are called Generation Debt

What’s even more amazing to me is that I’ve been linked right next to author Tim Ferriss (The 4-Hour Work Week) one of my favorite works.  Ferriss is a big advocate of Geographic Arbitrage…or Taking a position of monetary power like cashing in a coastal house and moving to a more affordable area, working remotely with your larger coastal income while living somewhere inexpensive, or using currency differences to live like a king in foreign lands, etc.

Let this be an example to all business bloggers out there just getting started.  Are you ready to offer the world the defining post or two on a topic that you’re passionate about?  Writing with regularity and passion may grant you "Pole Position"…and along with it, many more unique visitors, potential new customers, and implied authority that propel your business to its next level.



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