Blogging Metaphor: Why blogging is like a Mommy

I’m diving into the Liz Strauss Blogging Metaphor project with my own take.  Substitute the appropriate blogging words if you’d like.  Here we go:

Blogging is like a Mommy:
Mommies are patient and sometimes don’t get the feedback they desire.  Sometimes mommies get all dressed up and look for positive comments from the family…and they don’t exactly come rolling in, but mommy presses on…contributing and adding to the family and community.

Other times, mommies get a quick note completely out of the blue saying, "I love you mommy" and it makes all of her efforts worthwhile.

Mommies have a tough schedule and it’s often difficult juggle the needs of the family and mommy’s needs.  In the end, Mommy’s needs are often sacrificed first.

Mommies need a break every now and again to recharge, refresh, and come up with new ideas on how to be a better mommy.

Mommy’s job garners no salary…rather provides immeasurable relationship and family riches.

Sometimes, mommy gives herself a makeover and adds new highlights, wardrobe, and jewelry to make herself feel and look better.  Then, sometimes, she backs off from the bling after discovering it cluttered who she really was.

Finally if mommy needs help, she can call upon her family for support and guidance.




3 thoughts on “Blogging Metaphor: Why blogging is like a Mommy”

  1. I understand what you are saying and I care.
    Now… get back in the kitchen and make me a sandwich.
    Love the steak stories. Bike on.

  2. A hug, metaphorically speaking

    When I came across the blogging metaphor group writing project on, it didn’t take me very long to figure out the correct metaphor for my blog. Really, what I want to accomplish with this blog is to not only focus my search for fu…

  3. Mommy does sound a bit like a blog, especially the part where she’s living in the future. It’s already August 17, 2007 on the date. How did you do that? !!! Way cool. 🙂

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