Body Transformation – week 3 summary

The last 48 hours have been pretty rough.  I think I’ve been inadvertently (subconsciously?) skimping on carbs during the last week or so.  That has left me feeling "cold and tired".  Match that with the weather change that finally happened here in Iowa, and I’ve been exhausted.  This happened to me about every 2 weeks during triathlon training until I got back into the rhythm of eating more…of the right carbs…at the right time.

As a PS to the video, I did go out with friends last night to the High Life Lounge and between 6-11 had 3 light beers and a chicken sandwich.  Not ideal…but considering the bacon wrapped tater tots, pizza burgers, fried chicken gizzards, and "velvet elvis" cheese  dip that went around, this was a major victory for me.  I kept my eyes on the goal of 6% bodyfat by April. 

As always, thanks to Ryan Irwin at Nutrisport – Full Potential Training for guiding my journey and encouraging me to go beyond what I think is possible.



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