Brad Sugars – Consummate Salesperson

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon at a free seminar put on by Brad Sugars.   It was a great afternoon of reinforcement of key principles about creating wealth, wealth management, and education.  What I was most impressed about what that Mr. Sugars spends time acknowledging that "Getting rich requires a 10-year plan" to paraphrase.  This was the first guru that I’ve heard that clearly states that getting rich quick is a 10 year process of learning, making mistakes, and climbing ladders toward ultimate success and the freedom of owning businesses that run themselves, etc.

Mr. Sugars sales techniques were unbelievably effective as well.  He ended up getting about 20 people to sign up for a 3 day intensive seminar for $8k each.  Plus he sold countless book/DVD packages.  He built a compelling no risk case for attending this seminar.

All in all, if he comes back again, it’s worth the afternoon to re-energize your wealth generating juices. 

The seminar was at Prairie Meadows by the way…and I’m wondering how many people went from the seminar to the gambling tables to try and make the $8k for the seminar?   



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