Branding! Red Robin Go For It

A Texas Red Robin franchisee is trying to connect with their customers in new ways.  QTAGS put out a release a couple months ago that said:

"Beginning today, Red Robin guests in Texas who use
their mobile phones to text “rrmarqe” to 78247 (q-t-a-g-s) will receive
a text reply welcoming them as a new Red Robin VIP, with instructions
for redeeming a $5 voucher that can be used on their next visit.
Guests will also receive future updates from Red Robin about promotions
and news via the qtags’ text message service."

This is a fantastic marketing method and way of extending the reach of your brand with permission into customer’s lives.

“Text messaging through qtags™ is a fun, easy way to
connect with our loyal guests who want to hear from us outside of the
restaurant,” said Tim Moore, vice president of operations for Cowboy
Red, a franchisee of Red Robin Gourmet Burgers, Inc. “It not only will
enable us to reward guests, but also communicate upcoming specials and
promotions more effectively.”

“Our guests are increasingly on
the go and interested in real-time information,” said Moore.  “qtags
allows us to communicate quickly and easily with those guests who
opt-in wanting to learn more about Red Robin.”

After the text message is sent, the reply includes a link to a branded microsite that provides a voucher for $5.  This is an ideal platform, along with RSS feeds of new menu items, specials, and promotions, to build more brand awareness and loyalty.  I am a loyal Red Robin customer.  I’d probably tell far more people about my loyalty (aka "spread the love") if Red Robin helped me do it with branding/marketing tools like this.  Hopefully, my earlier posts on customer service and recovery give a bit more juice to Red Robin corporate’s decision to maintain a blog as part of their branding strategy.



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  1. We went to RR in Orange yesterday for lunch. Nice young waiter who engaged in conversation with the family as he took our order and dropped food off. Service was fast even though the Sunday church crowd was in full force. All order requests (dressing on side, etc) were met without problems. Great experience.

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