Business Travel

I think the worst part of business travel is the discontinuity.  Last week, I was in Las Vegas Monday afternoon-Thursday afternoon.  Translation, I lost part of Sunday and effectively all of Monday and Thursday to travel or preparation.  Now after some weekend work to catch up, I’m off again in about 15 minutes to California for 7 days.  This AM was crazy with a magazine interview, conference call, and other preparation.  I’ll most certainly get back and spend 2 days figuring out where I stand, just in time for a weekend.  Basically, I’ve just mapped out nearly a month of not having that creative, home office, deep thought, energy flow, power of intention time that amazes me sometimes when I look at what I’ve produced. 

I commented to another blogger today randomly that I "can’t do this much longer".  This isn’t a work-life balance plea…it’s simply a productivity plea.  I guess there are lots of road warriors that become uber productive squeezing each minute out of a layover, etc.  I think I’d rather focus on not having to do this in the first place.  I don’t mind day trips or overnights so much…but multi-day treks are pinching my brain power. 

I don’t travel so much that my wife’s angry, kids don’t know me, etc.  I think i juggle that pretty well.  (More in depth post on that coming soon).   I think it’s nearing the time when someone else should do this for me.  Is human cloning perfected yet?



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