By Battery Power and Aircard

I’m typing this post by fireside, candle light, and via the battery in my Dell.  Let’s hope it doesn’t spontaneously erupt in flames..  Our power went out about 2 hours ago due to the ice and what the heck do I know.  Our power lines are underground but one never knows what brings down the grid.  We’ve got plenty of candles and big pot of chicken and dumplings from earlier tonight (wife made a killer batch tonight). 

It’s amazing how quickly my thoughts turned to providing for the family when this happened since:

  1. I still haven’t gotten around to buying a generator.
  2. We’re on our last 10 pieces of wood since I didn’t order more last week.
  3. Our basement flooded recently from a frozen pipe and without heat for x days (if the outage happened to be a long one), surely something else will blow.

They already have a crew out according to MidAmerican Energy (thanks Mr. Buffett) and it will probably be fixed before morning…but my first stop after I scrape off the ice will be Lowes and my first call will be to the Wood Man. 

Next stop tonight is a fat glass of something made for adults and a large stogey.  Three cheers for electricity!   



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