Can you feel it?

The grass is lush…buoyed by warm days…and cooler moist nights to reduce stress.  A few leaves are falling here or there.  The air is rich with the smell of cut grass. People are talking quite a bit about "the heat we had this summer".  Windows are open again.  The lawn has been aerated and over seeded this year.  Plants seemed to have absolutely exploded with growth in the last 30 days.

You see..Fall is approaching in the Midwest, and folks around here are starting to think of cool nights, fires, football, and Thanksgiving plans.  Fall is a magical time around these parts.  Food seems to taste better and families seem to be "settled" earlier each night allowing for less hectic nights together playing games and practicing their weekly bible verse for pre-school. 

The summer is a magical time of long nights and hectic schedules…but fall is something you only read about…unless you live it…here in the beautiful state of Iowa.




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