Cardinal Hatching Caught on Video

Having grown up in Southern California, unless we went to the mountains camping, our exposure to "nature" was pretty slim.  Well here in Iowa, we "foreigners" are still pretty amazed at things that may be common to Midwest natives.

I was using the hedge trimmer a few weeks ago and as I buzzed up in a straight line, I exposed a small bird nest with 3 eggs inside.  Thankfully I didn’t disturb it.  As I examined the nest it became clear why I’d begun to see a male cardinal posting up on my car and in the trees around my house. Shortly afterwards a little Internet research made me realize that the female had also been nearby for a while.

We started watching the nest as its only about 4 feet off the ground and just outside our garage door.  A couple of days ago, my wife happened to be taking a few pictures…and noticed that one egg had hatched.  Then, as if on cue a few days later, she went to take another picture and actually caught the last of the eggs hatching! Wow.  We’re still pretty stunned.  Happy to say so far that all three seem to be doubling in size daily and now have fuzz on them 🙂

Here’s the video in case you can’t see it below.


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