Central Academy Talk Follow Up

My friend and colleague Steve Schultz has summarized our visit to Central Academy in Des Moines, IA very well so I'll let you read his excellent analysis.

I will simply add that it's truly amazing to me how many amazing stories are NOT being told out there purely because slower and larger institutions (educational/corporate/government) cannot or will not adapt to the current state of technology. 

I realize why they have trouble. I get it.  But usually we see the same story.  Culturally, the subordinates start to get it…but have to go up against "The Man" to get anything done.  After so many battles with the man (or the woman to be fair) they give up and go back to not making waves.  Argh.

Let's hope that we sparked a mini revolution of folks wanting to make change, break rules, and ask for forgiveness. 

In only 3 weeks, I've discovered 2 educational institutions that I knew nothing about but want my kids to attend.  Let's hope they both take the "Become findable where they all agree everyone is looking" route. 

Yes I'm still at 100% on "Google" for that answer.  Steve's mom almost said phone book but we quickly moved on to keep my record going :).



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