C-Level Stress

Susan Yara wrote an article in Today’s Forbes online health section called Battling CEO Stress that makes a few very good points about stress and the high powered executive type.  CEO’s and/or other execs are faced today with a tremendous burden of presentations, speech giving, board reporting, and travel.  But there are a few things one can do to survive.  This particular CEO:

  1. Eats well, quit smoking and works out when he has time.
  2. Makes sure to schedule vacations with his family throughout the year.
  3. When he is traveling for work, he makes an effort to get out and see the sights–even if he only has an hour or two.
  4. He recommends
    meditation, and using humor at meetings and getting a little bit of sleep

A key point to remember Yara says is , "Don’t get us wrong–humans need stress in limited doses. Stress can
motivate and inspire. And while lounging poolside sounds great for a
week or two, it’s tough to imagine spending every day sunbathing.
Kicking back won’t get your business off the ground, launch you into
the top rungs of management, or help pay for that house in the Hamptons."

Very true.  That light stress and pressure is often what drives us to go beyond what we think possible.

I think that we work at homers are typically not as overcome with work stress.  I myself have a peaceful office with 2 windows looking at my front yard.  That’s 2 more windows that I’ve had in office life.




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