Co-Office Shared Space Coming to Des Moines?

found out about Impromptu Studio.  The idea of course is not new but certainly lacking here in the metro. 

In the concept’s own words: (links added by me or rather my new friend technology Zemanta)

Impromptu Studio will be Des Moines‘ Premiere Coworking Office for
Shared Workspaces. Office residents will enjoy all of the comforts of a
regular office without the "pain" of living in cubeland. We take care
of the office and it’s amenities. You take care of your business while
gaining many potential interoffice connections with business owners
just like you.

We see Iowa‘s brain drain as a serious problem and are offering up Impromptu Studio as one part of the solution.  Young professionals can grow their own business by tapping into the resources we offer. Young professionals no longer have big obstacles in joining the social and business community, a reason that many young people leave now.  Social interaction and networking opportunities that have young people are moving out of Iowa can be found within our environment.

Impromptu Studio aims to foster local business connections and interactions.  Our members
  will also have a diverse pool of services to offer each other. This dual pronged approach of community integration allows our members to become acquainted at multiple levels with individuals and businesses that can help them succeed for the years that follow.

There’s an upcoming informational meeting at noon(12pm) on Friday, June 6, 2008 at East Village Books. You can RSVP for the event and get directions at

Let’s wish Daniel Shipton et al luck with this project.  I know plenty of us who are interested.

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