Converting seminar attendees into clients

Do you speak in public?  If you do and you're looking to convert more of the attendees into paying clients or referrals, get some free advice from this piece in Manage Smarter. Since I just finished up a couple of public speaking gigs, I found this very informative.

Here's the key nugget of knowledge I took away from the piece:

Many believe that if they dazzle their audience with their knowledge
and give lots of information that shows their expertise, they will want
to buy. While information does build credibility, the goal of any
educational seminar should be to pique your attendees interest so much
that they walk away saying, "I can't do this without them." If your
attendees don't walk away with this belief, you need to rethink your

Dead on.  I love informing and sharing my passions about what COULD BE for my attendees.  But I'd certainly like them to become clients too if we're a good fit for each other.  Keeping your eye on that goal is key. 

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