Corn Squeezin Redux

The President’s speech this year resonated yet more energy independence talk.  We here in Ethanol Alley (Midwest) have much to gain and the nation has little to lose from our attack of this once fringe topic.  There are over 115 ethanol plants today and more than 50 under construction. 

Yet, if I wanted to purchase an ethanol (e85) compatible Toyota or Honda, I don’t think they have one for me.  Will I be forced to purchase a GM car if I want this option?  How ironic. 



One thought on “Corn Squeezin Redux”

  1. Doug,
    I bought a Cadillac ‘Lade EXT last Fall. My 15mpg average fuel economy on lousy 10% max ethanol available around here is dying to fall a bit to get that extra kick from good ol’ ‘merican high-fiber mash. Am I gonna have to move to where you are to have access?
    Can’t wait . . .

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