Culinary Break Through

Browsing the Costco isles the other day, I came across something that made me do a double take…then smile ear to ear.  It was canned beef.  Now we’re not talking some kind of processed ultra fat mystery meat here.  We’re talking 97% fat free brisket…in a can…like tuna fish.  The can provides 36 grams of protein with 4 grams of fat, tastes delicious, and provides a quick source of red meat when you don’t want to cook.

Hence, I have created and now claim rights to…"The Beef Salad Sandwich".
1 can beef
1 chopped pickle
chopped red onion to taste
chopped tomato to taste
a sprinkle of my SPOG (salt.pepper.onion powder.garlic powder) blend.
a sprinkle of any cheese of your choosing
a tablespoon of whatever dressing you want (mayo, mustard, ranch, blue cheese, etc.)
(i added in some cooked navy beans to add in protein laden slow burn carbs

Mix in a bowl, dump in anything else you like and eat with a micro-brewed beer (instead of eating the bread)



One thought on “Culinary Break Through”

  1. You Rock!
    Being from England, I am always on the lookout for “English style foods”. With your discovery, I can now make sandwiches with beef that once upon a time actually saw a cow! 🙂

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