Dale Jr. Creating the Dream Team?

OK race fans…it’s the dream team many of us hoped for.  The dream team that has the Southern US spittin’ their grits and biscuits!  Dale Jr. is holding a press conference today to likely announce that he’s signing with Hendrick Motorsports.  Yes, that will make Dale Jr. a team mate with Jeff Gordon.  I know the bottoms must be flying off of the Levi’s right now, but Jeff and Dale are going to be working together (breathe North Carolina….inhale deeply Alabama). 

I’m sure this will spawn nothing but more hatred for the best racer in the sport this year but I love it.  It’s the move we Hendrick/Johnson/Gordon lovers club members thought impossible but held out hope for.  (Sorry for leaving out Kyle Busch and/or Kasey Mears but they’re really getting squeezed by the guys that win races here.

The press conference is being streamed via the web and on TV via the Speed Channel at 10AM EST today.
Get ready to race boys.  Imagine Johnson, Gordon, and Jr. going 3 wide into turn 4 at Daytona next year!!!         



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