Dancing with the Stars – 2007

OK, I watch it.  I love it in fact.  I’ve always been a fan of ball room dancing and this show had me hooked day 1 season 1.  This year, there’s another interesting and eclectic mix of people, including Mark Cuban, my favorite funder of toilet technology.  He’s pimping for votes on his blog today (I’d do it to)…and did pretty well I must say.  Tall big guys look wooden and awkward when they start out (Jerry Rice). 

I’ll try and keep up week to week without DVR’ing all of them so I can provide my readers with the (cue the impressive music) DWTS update 2007!

Latest dad/son advice quote saved up for the future:  "Son, if you love dancing, follow the passion.  You’ll catch a lot of grief from your buddies…but trust me, you’ll never be wondering what to do on a Saturday night."



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