Demographics and the future of Ethanol Alley

A must read piece appeared in 2 parts on Guy Kawasaki’s blog .
I’ve linked you to the second part which discuss in more depth…where the growth in the US will likely take place.  What Dr. Joseph Chamie has to say about the heartland is quite alarming.  The only thing that will prevent his predictions from coming true…is the creation of Ethanol Alley right here in the Midwest.

"The population will also be more urbanized, with large movements to outlying suburbs and smaller cities, and significant regional shifts to states in the South and West. Over the next twenty five years, for example, the five fastest growing states are expected to be Nevada, Arizona, Florida, Texas, and Utah. In contrast, states in the Northeast and Midwest regions, such as North Dakota, West Virginia, Iowa, Ohio, New York, and Pennsylvania, are projected to experience negative or close to zero population growth over the next quarter century.



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