Des Moines a Tech Hot Spot? You Make the Call

Des Moines has been named by the folks at Fast Company magazine (a great tech rag) as a city about to break through into an official tech hot spot.  Silicon Valley it will never be…but we’ve seen cities like Minneapolis thrive in tech even though they trade lawn mowers for snow shovels like we do.

We have the talent and desire here…just not a free flow of capital to "try things out".  Proven business?  Great!  Here’s a wheel loader full of cash!  Business plan for something revolutionary?  Next please.

I’d like to see us lead in tech rather than simply service the other larger tech cities with more affordable tech service labor.

On-shoring is a reality and DSM could become a major hub for it.  Bring it on.

UPDATE: I commented on the article at the Fast Company site…did you?



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