Des Moines on cutting edge of access to Honda Air Taxi or “VLJ mini jet”

Here's an article that caught me by surprise.  It's from the Des Moines Business Record and it discusses how Des Moines Flying Service is building a facility in Chicago to accommodate their becoming a dealer/sales outlet for the planes.

Des Moines Flying Service (DMFS) will break ground
on the HondaJet Midwest headquarters this spring and hopes to move in
by summer 2010, a few months before Honda Aircraft Co. Inc. plans to
begin delivering its new HondaJet. DMFS will continue its presence at
Des Moines International Airport and Chicago as a Piper Aircraft Inc.
dealer with its current staff of 35 people, and form a second company
of about 25 people in sales and service focused on the Honda aircraft.

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One thought on “Des Moines on cutting edge of access to Honda Air Taxi or “VLJ mini jet””

  1. As more Very Light Jets such as the Eclipse 500, Cessna Citation Mustang, Embraer Phenom 100 and the Hondajet are manufactured there will be more availability of these aircraft for air taxi services. The best way to find them is online at
    Roger Burton

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