I was hanging out at my 4 year old boy’s Karate class yesterday and struck up a conversation with another dad.  I asked him how long his boy had been doing this and what changes he’d seen in his kid.  He replied, "I’ve seen a big change in discipline and his listening skills over the last year and a half…he’s really able to focus more now." 

Interestingly enough, some casual observation clearly defines a line between those who’ve been in a while, and the new boys.  New boys have hands in pockets, look around quite a bit more, and generally have that "little boy wandering mind" that I seem to have never lost (sorry Steph)  I look forward to seeing that change come about in my boy.  I don’t want the little boy nature to go away…but I do want him to learn respect, discipline, and how application of oneself breeds success.

He paid attention so well last night that one of the instructors picked him out to do a "board break".  When she called his name, he BOLTED to the front, set up for a PALM STRIKE and executed complete breakage of a small pine board first try.  After his success, he sprinted to me and handed me that board with a glow that cannot be accurately described in words.  I choked back the tears of pride and watched him bow to the instructor as he returned to the line up. 

In that moment, my boy showed me a glimpse of his future as a man…and as his daddy…I had another moment of absolute clarity into the love a parent has for a child.  It was like a window opened into his heart and I saw inside.  He knew this was a special moment, as did I.

I’ve seen that look before in my daddy’s eyes when he felt this way about me.  Those moments build your kids into the adults you wish them to be.  Have more of them.



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