DSM Patnership in Tights

The group has called for an additional 1-cent sales tax to help make
the area more attractive to workers and businesses. The $75 million
raised annually from the proposed sales tax would be used to provide
property tax relief,
make money available for local projects, and
expand the metro area’s cultural and recreational opportunities.

So if I’m getting this straight, the Partnership is advocating that we tax to bring tax relief.  Who among you believes that when given 3 options of what to do with $75 million, that politicians will "give it back" in the form of property tax relief?  Even the most liberal of spenders should be offended that the Landed Gentry would possibly get a break on the back of those average citizens purchasing basics from HyVee or Kohls.  Even Robin Hood would be confused by this one.

The piece is actually on Lance Armstrong speaking at the Des Monies partnership annual dinner…but reading that paragraph stopped me cold. 



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