Early Christmas Present

I’m sitting here at the Birmingham Airport (Alabama…not England)…after a 2-day whirlwind trip trip.  Everything has been canceled to Chicago…my main connection point.  Instead of giving up…I’ve booked a 1-way ticket to Kansas City, MO that arrives at 11PM.  The 3 hour drive to Des Moines will be interesting…but I’ll be home.  I think the key to assuaging travel angst is to know that you’re completely screwed early.  We found out that there’s no choice, nothing, zero we can do at 5PM other than stay overnight.  Or if you’re enterprising, you can head to the southwest desk and see what they have that gets you close enough to drive.

More to come.


Made it on the last flight out to Kansas City on Southwest that night.  Got a car to drive from KC to Des Moines 1-way.  Got home at 3AM.  Best darn night of sleep in years.



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