Embarking on a New Physical Quest Today: The Hy-Vee Triathlon

I’m not sure what the driving force is behind my quest to be challenged physically over the last couple years.  I’ve never been ultra competitive in sports…and I haven’t been under 200lbs since about 1995.  It began with cycling when we moved here to Iowa…then RAGBRAI entered the picture.  My "oh my God I’m going to die soon" moments on RAGBRAI 2006 made me go for 2007 with a vengeance…training solidly for a full 3 months to attain a modicum of fitness.  Now it seems, I’ve got it in my head that I should do a triathlon.  Why?  There’s a prep class starting now that take one all the way to the Hy-Vee Triathlon in June here in Des Moines.  It starts tonight with swimming. 

I called the guy running the classes and asked if this was meant for elite athletes, etc…and he simply asked, "Can you swim 50 meters and live?"  I chuckled but realized that I had no idea.  He went on to explain that like me, he loved cycling…deplored running…and that swimming is just the hardest part that one must get through.  This Sunday I headed over to Aspen on the south side and found that I could swim the 50 meters but it was taxing.  I definitely need some technique, some goggles, etc. (Don’t worry, no speedos in the required equipment list).  He told me that half the people that started out last time, couldn’t get 50 meters in and had to exit the pool.  So far so good.  I did about 300 meters with rest in between some 50 meter sprints and some 50 meter back strokes.

Thus, today I officially declare the beginning of my triathlon training.
I will appreciate it greatly if you could plan on being downtown on June 22, 2008 to watch me SPRINT across the finish line…anywhere but LAST in my age group (35-39).  The beer and brats are on me afterwards. 

If all goes well, I’ll be in the best shape of my life by next summer.  3-2-1…launch.



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