Feed Pruning – Required for Growth

I’ve gotten into the habit of pruning my feeds (eliminating those that bother me, annoy me, provide too much information that’s repetitive), etc.once every couple of weeks.  This topic was brought up at the latest blog workshop put on by Mike Sansone.

Someone asked about "accumulating many feeds and overload of information".  I proudly proclaimed that I subscribe to (or have created) over 175 feeds and that it doesn’t take me long to get through them daily.  Between skimming headlines and doing quick scans, I can see what’s important to me.  Then, over time, as I find that day after day I’m skipping a feed, I cut it.  Here’s some tips.

  1. Don’t OD on National, International, or other headline news feeds.  The same junk usually pops up in 50 places 50X per day.  Be selective.
  2. Do subscribe to feeds that you find in your areas of interest.  As you read them through the weeks, you’ll know if the relevance is still there.  If not, cut them.    I used to have all the ‘buzz" blogs on technology only to find that they were meaningless to me.
  3. Refine your feeds that you create.  My search for "Midwest New Business" provided nothing but junk.  I had to refine the language and ultimate some I’ve had to delete entirely.

Trimming the fat will help you maintain focus and be more effective in your connectedness and conversation continuations…say that three times!  Have a wonderful day.   



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