Finding Another Mentor, A Tactic I’m Considering

By utilizing mentors, I firmly believe that one can accelerate his or her success by an order of magnitude. All of the gurus tout this of course.  Mentoring, modeling, mimicking, etc.  I have a fantastically successful mentor who’s provided me with insight and feedback that has either confirmed that I’m on the right track or opened my mind to out of the box opportunities.  Now, I’d like to accelerate my real estate investment knowledge.  I’ve taken classes, done programs, assembled a small "team of experts" to accelerate my learning, but I’d like to take a quantum leap here.  I’d like to go ballistic and shoot for the moon with commercial real estate as well.

I’m considering placing a full page ad in the newspaper (Des Moines has 1 big publication) and/or in the local Chamber of Commerce newspaper soliciting interviews to fulfill this role.  Is it worth the money? I think so.  My thinking is that $X,XXX is recoverable in one deal.  A total brain/habit/formula download from a fantastically successful person is priceless.  I could become more active in the Chamber, get to know more people, and spend months researching this.  Or I can roll the dice that the word will get out to the right person.

I’m anxious to hear opinions on this. 



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